Wet Mops Features


Come in narrow or wide band to fit either the EX-change style of handle or the Jaw style.



The tailband feature of a looped-end mop provides a wider, even stroke providing better coverage without lint, gaps or tangles.

The tape eliminates tangles and keeps the mop neat and tidy when in use or in the laundry cycle. The looped-ends cannot wrap around furniture legs.


Looped-end construction eliminates fraying and lint-off. Looped-ends stand up to repeated laundering, so the initial investment is soon recovered with lower replacement costs and reduced labour costs.



Cut-end mops can be laundered, but not as well as the looped-end style. However, some pros like the fact the ends fray over time for added loft.


Cotton, Rayon, Synthetic, Blended yarn, Microfiber and Microfiber/Synthetic blends are perfectly suited for different cleaning applications.

Wet Mops Specifications