Features & Benefits

The wall wash tool is a task-specific mop frame for washing walls and ceilings. 11" wide by 8" deep, it is the perfect size for washing walls. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it can safely be used with a sidepress wringer and bucket. Connector features a locking collar that firmly attaches to almost any handle (for high overhead washing, an extension handle such as our 367-series is recommended). Use with 14504 or 14508 Velcro flat mops.

  • The Wall Wash tool is designed specifically for washing walls or ceilings
  • Sturdy enough to be used with a sidepress wringer and bucket
  • Use with any standard threaded or extension handle

Product Details & Variations

Item Description Item # UPC Carton Dimensions Pack
Wall Wash Tool 14505 060188145054 13.5 x 8.5 x 7.0 10
Description: Wall Wash Tool
Item #: 14505
UPC: 060188145054
Carton Dimensions: 13.5 x 8.5 x 7.0
Pack: 10
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